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FLADDER Finishing

| Fladder Finishing

- the way to a better finish

It is a well-known fact that sharp edges and burrs are created by machining of metal parts, for instance punching, laser cutting and milling

Often this problem is solved bt manual processing, and - for flat parts - using a belt grinder. However, this method does have its limitations, as it requires the parts to be 100percent plane, as otherwise there will be areas on the parts which are not sufficiently deburred.

In addition, burrs may be merely bent down over the edge in the process rather than being completely removed. It is equally logical that with this method, the edges around holes will be unevenly processed, depending on whether the deburring is performed across, up against or along the edges. In other words, deburring can be a rather complex task.

  1. FLADDER deburring system

    The solution is to use the FLADDER deburring system -a innovative deburring method baed on principles which are fundamentally different from those of traditional methods.

    The tool in the FLADDER deburring system is a flexible tool designed with a number of slats or strips which rub tightly against the part, closely following its contours suring the deburring proccess.

    Finishing is a non-aggressive type of process capable of deburring the parts's edges without affecting its surface.

  2. Deburring parts with contours

    Figure B shows a part with different contours. Normally, this part would require manual finishing, but with the FLADDER deburring system it is possible to perform the finishing of the entire part automatically.

    In future, using the FLADDER deburring system you will be able to automate even deburring of three-dimensional parts, as it is possible to deburr in different heights simultaneously

  3. Sharp edges are rounded slightly

    Sharp-edged parts often cause problems for sealing or coating.
    The coating layer on sharp edges is very thin, which often results in poor coating adhesion.

    Figure C show a profile with sharp edges. When the part is deburred using the FLADDER finishing method, the edges are rounded ever so slightly without causing the part to lose its definition.

    This enables the coating to better enclose the edge and thus to obtain improved adhesion.

  4. Deburring parts with protective foil

    The FLADDER deburring system is a non-agressive system, meaning that it will process the edges on a part without damaging the surface.

    This is important for those of our customers who manufacture parts with protective foil on the surface. The foil will stay on the part throughout the process. As a result, the part is protected for a linger time during the process than before.
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